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Doodles in Virginia

Welcome to our page and our doodle family.
Heart to Heart Doodles is a small high quality breeding program based in Chesapeake, VA. We focus on breeding Medium, Mini and Toy Goldendoodles. Our first priority is the health and temperament of our parents. Our dogs undergo DNA testing through embark and OFA/Pennhip testing. We feel it's our responsibility to ensure that the parents are in good health and pass all the necessary testing to produce healthy puppies. 
Temperament is another big necessity for our moms and dads before they're added to our breeding program. We believe that temperament is just as important as physical health of our parents. We want to produce the healthiest, confident, smart, and sweetest puppies possible. 
Another small criteria that we adhere to in our breeding program is the size and appearance of the puppies we produce.
Take a moment and read over our page and learn how we raise our puppies. 

Woman with puppies

Why choose a Heart to Heart Doodle?

Straight Coat Goldendoodle

The heart of Heart to Heart Doodles is to better the breed by producing genetically pure and healthy pups that are of the size, color and temperament that our future puppy families are looking for. We only breed top quality dogs, because every puppy owner deserves a family member who will live a long, happy and healthy life. We don't just breed and sell puppies. We strive to give each family a furry family member who will change their lives forever. 
Elizabeth, Heart to Heart's owner, has an amazing heart for animals. She raises her pups just as if they were her children. Each pup gets her personal care and attention.  And love and snuggles, too! The name Heart to Heart is really a symbol of how the pups are raised. From her heart, to the pup's heart, to the family's heart. Learn more about the

Heart to Heart Way


Meet the Breeder

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, the owner of Heart to Heart Doodles!

Everyone who’s met me knows how much I have always cared about the animals that come into my life. I’ve always joked that I like animals more than people. 

I grew up in a small country, Latvia, where I was raised in an orphanage.
I was adopted in America at the age of 15. 
Raising puppies has been a passion of mine for years, starting with fostering litters for my local SPCA.
Each litter I raised for them brought me so much joy! I found my passion: nurturing helpless little puppies, helping them grow and develop amazing personalities, and getting them ready for their forever families. 

When I met my first Goldendoodle, I was amazed at the temperament and intelligence of the breed. I can truly say that Goldendoodles have captured my heart. 
Being a breeder is not just a hobby or job for me. I love each of my dogs with my whole heart, and my puppies are a testament to the compassion
I have for each one.

So from my heart to yours, here are the loves of my life! My sweet Goldendoodles. 

Ethical Goldendoodle Breeder
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