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Sweet words from happy families

Since day one Elizabeth has been more than a breeder to my sweet goldendoodle Brinley and I; she has been a part of our little family! Always responsive, so helpful, so affirming to first-time pet parents and SO helpful in every way, I could not have asked for more. Everywhere I bring Brin, people ask who her breeder was and say she is not only the cutest but such an ideal-natured pup (I think so too, but I am biased!) I think this is a result of how well she was cared for and loved on from day one. Elizabeth has cared for Brin many times when I have left town and Brin always has the absolute best time with her extended puppy fam. I trust no one more with my baby. I would recommend working with Elizabeth to ANYONE who is in the market for a doodle baby. You simply cannot find better. She is the absolute BEST. Thank you for all the love you have provided in our lives, Elizabeth!
                                                                      Love, Hillary and Brinley

Cute Puppies

Elizabeth is the absolute best! She treats us like family, always helps us with questions and loves our little golden doodle like she is her own. You couldn’t be in better hands reaching out to Elizabeth if you're considering buying any puppy! 10/10 she is so knowledgeable and passionate for these pups!

                                                                      Kylie, Jake and Bailey

Goldendoodle Breeder

I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth when I purchased my most recent puppy, Lia.  I knew that the first 3 months of a puppy’s life are the most important in their development.  If milestones are not met during these times, if often times can impact a puppy’s personality for life.  I knew when I met Elizabeth, that she was dedicated to providing each puppy with a nurturing environment.  She didn’t just say she was going to do this, she actually did.  
Elizabeth was very clear in in the methodology she uses and how she exposed her puppies to new sounds, textures, people and places.  She starts this development very early on.  She was very thoughtful about this process, which was refreshing to me to hear.  I was lucky enough to live close to Elizabeth, so I was able to see her work in action, and know that she does exactly what she promises to do.  This is Elizabeth’s passion.  She loves her puppies like they are her own.  You cannot put a price tag on this type of care.  
The puppy I got from Elizabeth is a dream come true.  She has never been afraid of anything.  She is outgoing, confident, and was never fearful going new places.  Everyone she meets is a friend.  She loves other animals, children, and adults, male and female.  She was exposed to people with physical disabilities and doesn’t bat an eye when she’s around wheelchairs.  She slept through the night in her kennel from day one.   
I know I will never purchase another puppy from anyone else.  

                                                                      Anne, Leelee, Benny and Patrick

adorable goldendoodle
Tuxedo Goldendoodle

We got our Goldendoodle puppy from Elizabeth about a year ago and could not be happier with the entire experience.  She is an amazing person with a great passion for her dogs!   She is friendly and a true professional.  
I can assure you that you can trust her and have complete confidence in your Goldendoodle experience!

                                                                       Jay Demeter and Enzo

My goldendoodle puppy is so smart, easy to train, full of personality, so sweet and absolutely ADORABLE! I owe it all to Elizabeth and her attentiveness to the puppies from the time they are born. She is very communicative, friendly and updates you with pictures every week on how your puppy is doing. It is evident that she is ALL heart in taking care of these pups. I will more than likely be getting another one from her in the future. If you’re looking for the perfect goldendoodle, you’ve found the right breeder!! 
                                                                             Miranda, Caleb and Brink.

White nose Goldendoodle

I got my baby Sunny from Indy’s litter and she’s the bestest friend. I could not recommend Elizabeth and Heart to Heart Doodles enough. I spent months looking for the perfect, ethical breeder and came across Elizabeth’s page and I am so thankful I did. From the beginning she was amazing at communicating and even FaceTimed me with pregnant Indy, sent me X-ray images and was extremely communicative the whole birth process. Elizabeth sent me photos of Sunny everyday, and even updated me on her training, which was a whole other blessing on its own. As soon as I told Elizabeth what I was naming her, she began recall and name recognition with her name. Sunny also came to me potty trained 80%, she could sit, down, paw and had the most perfect temperament. You could tell that Elizabeth cared individually for each pup. She was not scared of novel scents, people, things and came very socialized. Being a single, young dog mom, I was scared raising a puppy would be so hard alone but Sunny has been the most perfect, calm, smart, and trainable dog. She gets stopped for pictures and gets compliments all the time. Even my parents are eventually wanting one from Elizabeth! 

From birth-to-driving Sunny from Virginia to Boston, I had the most amazing first dog experience from Heart to Heart doodles. I couldn’t thank them enough for giving me my first love and lifelong bestfriend.

Tuxedo Goldendoodle

Sarah and Sunny

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