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Check out our previous litters our beautiful mamas have produced. If you are hoping to add a puppy to your family and missed your chance, check out our CURRENT LITTERS page, if we don't have any puppies available then head over to our UPCOMING LITTERS page to see if any of the litters would be a good fit for your family. 

Indy and Gunners "Fall in love" litter!

Indy and Gunner produced not only absolutely beautiful puppies, but also smart, easy going, amazing puppies. All of them are living their best lives in their forever homes. 

Scarlet and Olivers "I'll be home for Christmas" litter!

Scarlet and Oliver outdid themselves. They were absolutely amazing puppies. Very smart, easy to train, confident and so gorgeous.

Indy and Oliver's "Nature Litter"
Indy and Oliver produced the most amazing calm tempered puppies. All of them are in loving homes and are living their best lives! Here are a few pictures of the beautiful puppies they produ

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